Management Discussion

Banking Tradition of Alpen Baruch Bank

Following the European banking heritage of security, privacy and privileged service, Alpen Baruch Bank provides our clients with personalized services designed to meet their various financial needs. With a network of high net worth individuals across the world, we understand the needs of our valued clients. Understanding the needs of our clients always comes first, we aim to provide the foremost wealth preservation and wealth enhancement services to our clients.

Vision & Mission
To become the preferred banking option for High Net worth Individuals around the world.

Our Business Model

With a team of experts in risk management, wealth management services, our bank avoids engaging in high risk business/services. Focusing on providing our customers with convenient, fast and private deposit and payment solutions, our bank ensures that the security of our clients’ money is the utmost concern. Our team of wealth management professionals will also allow our customers to be in touch with the latest news on the investment environment around the world, so that our customers will be able to enjoy first mover advantage in the rapidly moving world of finance.

Why Offshore Banking

While the benefits of offshore banking are many, we will highlight a couple of the more important ones:

1.Privacy protection

2.Asset protection

3.Asset transfer to next generation

4.Tax planning

5.Ease of Transfer of Assets

6.Personalized Service

Why Vanuatu

Laws in Vanuatu provide a very strong legal environment to protect the confidentiality of our customers. Within the legal system of Vanuatu, our bank provides a robust platform for our clients to understand that the relationship between us will always stay private. 

Vanuatu is also a tax-free state, and will not require any form of income tax, capital gains tax, or offshore income tax. Just like the European banks of old, we aim to provide a strong platform for wealth protection of our clients.

Why Alpen Baruch Bank

With a strong understanding of the needs of High-Networth Individuals across Asia, our team of risk management and wealth management experts are always here to provide exceptional service to our clients.

The heritage of European banking of security, privacy and privileged service has been lost over the years as banks became major corporations. We in Alpen Baruch has never lost sight of that, and with the establishment of our presence in Asia, we believe that we would become the preferred banking option for our valued clients due to our commitment in providing discreet, secure and wealth enhancing services.

Since the beginning of banking in Europe, privacy and privileged service has always been the hallmark of European banking.
We at Alpen Baruch intend to keep it that way.

Alpen Baruch Bank
“Banking Privacy, Guaranteed.”