Notes to Our Clients

As a banking institution, the Bank is obliged to implement anti-money laundering/ counter terrorism financing measures in accordance with regulatory and/ or international guidelines with a view to preventing any unlawful and criminal fund transfers from within the Bank's clientele. In addition, the Bank is also obliged to observe the latest FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) requirements or any other financial crime risk management approach or compliance obligations which are levied by the regulatory authorities and revised from time to time.

Our clients who open an account with the Bank have to understand that while the Bank offers offshore banking service to its clients, the Bank could be slow with some request because of time differences and most important of all, its commitment to local and international compliance applications

The Bank thus reasserts that unless otherwise a client has a specific reason to open an account in Vanuatu, for example, if he has a family budget and/ or is running a business there, he should not expect that the Bank will always accept his application as tendered or to maintain an account relationship unconditionally as the Bank has the sole discretion to decide that certain account activities are no more fit and proper with the Bank's rules and regulations or international practice, as revised from time to time.