About the Bank

The Bank was officially granted an international banking license to operate international banking business in September, 2014. In line with prudent banking practice, the Bank aims to become a leading private bank in Asia and Europe.

In accordance with the banking law, the Bank has a physical presence in Vanuatu, as follows:

Alpen Baruch Bank Limited
Melcofee Area, Port Vila, Vanuatu
PO Box
: 143
Phone No.
: (678) 26105
Fax. No.
: (678) 26104

The Bank's full-time employees in Vanuatu are at your service during normal banking hours (8AM- 5PM) from Monday through Friday except on Vanuatu and international holiday. For details: Please visit http://vanuatu.officialpublicholidays.com/all-days for official Vanuatu Public Holiday and http://www.usa.gov/citizens/holidays.shtml#Federal_Holidays for Official US holiday list.

Mr. Cataki is the manager of Head Office of Alpen Baruch Bank Limited. Prior to joining us, he held the position of relationship manager at Westpac Bank (Vanuatu) from 1999 to 2012.